www.whole-business.com is now...
NOTE: This page will no longer redirect automatically.

A few things to consider...

  • Please update any bookmarks
  • If you were storing your passwords, you might need to re-enter them
  • Popup-blockers might need to be reset for the new domain

Why would we change the domain name?

We decided to change the domain of our Supplyit product for reasons of simplicity and consolidation. Our company is "Jera Concepts LLC" and we wanted to focus our brand around our root domain name. Users can write to "support at jeraconcepts.com", and our support site is "support.jeraconcepts.com". It's much easier to remember these things if they all use the same root domain. While we understand there may be a few hiccups in the transition, it will make the overall usage of our product and associated services easier.